June, 2024

Ultra-processed foods, holistic approach, food matrix/scoring/systems

March, 2023

Ultra-processed foods, environmental impacts, group model-building

January, 2024

Food Processing, sustainability, food matrix

May, 2024

Eating behaviours, Children, Maternal-infant protection centers

April, 2022

Stale Injera, satiety, glycemic index

November, 2022

3V rule, Indian nutrition transition, 1990-2019

December, 2022

Children food representation, social backgrounds, health inequalities

September, 2021

Empirico-inductive & hypothetico-deductive methods, food and nutrition research

September, 2021

Prediction of energy intake, food portions, dietary apps

January, 2022

Food matrix effect, chronic diseases, empirico-inductive approach

August, 2021

3V rule, Chinese nutrition transition, 1990-2019

August, 2021

Food databases, Human health, Sustainability

August, 2021

Siga classification, Organic foods, 8,554 industrial foods

February, 2021

Siga classification, Markers of ultra-processing, 22,028 industrial foods

July, 2021

3V rule, French diet, 1998-2015

August, 2021

3V rule, Hypermarkets, Regular customers

August, 2020

3V rule, Scientific bases, Global health

August, 2020

Ultra-processed foods, Global Health, Sustainability

December, 2020

Exclusive reductionnism, Chronic diseases, Nutritional confusion

September, 2019

Ultra-processed foods, Holistic paradigm, Narrative review

November, 2019

Fruit-based foods, Processing, Health potentials

January, 2020

Siga classification, Methodology, 24,932 industrial foods

May, 2018

Food processing, Health effects, Narrative review

September, 2018

Reductionism, Holistic thinking, Nutrition research

April, 2019

Fruit-based foods, Processing, Systematic review

December, 2017

Holistic food index, Data mining, Degree of processing

February, 2018

Oat-based foods, Processing, Cholesterol

March, 2018

Dairy products, Food structure, Narrative review

March, 2017

Phytosterols, Liposoluble vitamins, Systematic review

September, 2017

Nutritional factors, Family history of colorectal cancer, Systematic review

October, 2017

Dairy products, Antioxidant potential, Narrative review

December, 2016

Fiber matrices, Physicochemical properties, Health effects

January, 2017

Degree of processing, French elderly, Food health potential

June, 2017

Plant-based foods, Health effects, Holistic paradigms

November, 2015

Dietary saturated fats, Food sources, Type 2 diabetes

March, 2016

The Healthy Core Metabolism, Primary preventive nutrition, Healthy life years

April, 2016

Degree of processing, Satiety potential, Glycaemic index

June, 2015

Holism, Reductionism, Preventive nutrition

October, 2015

Whole-grains, Metabolic Syndrome, Protective compounds

November, 2015

Degree of processing, Food classification, Nutritional recommendations

April, 2015

Complex foods, Isolated nutrients, Health

October, 2015

Complex foods, Isolated nutrients, Health

September, 2015

Wheat-based foods, Non celiac gluten sensitivity, Ultra-processing

September, 2014

Lipotropes, Hepatic steatosis, Diets

November, 2014

Holism, Processed grain matrices, Health

December, 2014

Food groups, Chronic diseases, Systematic review

July, 2014

Holism, Reductionism, Nutritional recommendations

August, 2014

Energy expenditure, Humans, Controlled/free-living conditions

August, 2014

Cereal sector, Sustainability, France

April, 2013

Plant-based foods, Lipotropes, Narrative review

October, 2013

Chronic diseases, Deregulated metabolims, Systematic review

December, 2013

Reductionnism, Holism, Phytochemical bioavailability

March, 2011

Plant-based foods, Lipotropes, New index

August, 2011

Lipotropes, Processing, Lipotropic capacity

October, 2012

Lipotropes, French diet, Consumption

June, 2008

Wheat Flakes, Processing, Glycaemic index

July, 2008

Phytochemicals, Rats, Metabolomics

June, 2010

Cereals, Health, New hypotheses

February, 2008

Cereal matrices, Antioxidants, Influence of digestion

April, 2008

Wheat germ, Rats, Antioxidant

May, 2008

Catechin, Rats, Metabolomics

September, 1999

Pasta matrices, Processing, Digestion

June, 2006

Bread matrices, Processing, Glycaemic index

April, 2007

Wheat flours, Rats, Metabonomics

October, 1998

Pasta matrix, Digestion, Enzyme diffusion

October, 1998

Pasta matrix, Processing, Microscopic texture

June, 1999

Pasta matrix, Digestion, Lipid emulsions

November, 1997

Fiber matrix, Digestion, Fermentation

March, 1998

Pasta matrix, Digestion, Gluten network

July, 1998

Fiber matrix, Digestion, Fermentation